Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Unity3D: Change a script's execution order dynamically (from script)

So the other day I wanted to make sure one of my scripts always ran first, to check in it's init if certain conditions have been met, and if not, do some actions.

I didn't want to rely on manually setting each scene's execution order, and if it's the first level, OnLevelWasLoaded won't get called (no idea why).

So my solution - Create an editor class that made sure that my script's execution order is always before everything else:

using UnityEditor;

public class ExecutionOrderManager : Editor
    static ExecutionOrderManager()
        // Get the name of the script we want to change it's execution order
        string scriptName = typeof(MyMonoBehaviourClass).Name;

        // Iterate through all scripts (Might be a better way to do this?)
        foreach (MonoScript monoScript in MonoImporter.GetAllRuntimeMonoScripts())
            // If found our script
            if ( == scriptName)
                // And it's not at the execution time we want already
                // (Without this we will get stuck in an infinite loop)
                if (MonoImporter.GetExecutionOrder(monoScript) != -100)
                    MonoImporter.SetExecutionOrder(monoScript, -100);

Note: In order for this script to work it must reside in the Editor folder.

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